November 9, 2016

The month of October was a month of triumph for ATL securing four contracts in four states! ATL providing custodial services in Washington, DC at Rock Creek Park-National Park Services which is a “GEM” to the nation’s capital.

Rock Creek was established in 1890 as the world’s 3rd National Park covering over 2,000 acres of land. Over the years, it has become a special tourist attraction for recreation and serenity for all visitors to the area. The recreation facilities available include a golf course, equestrian trails, and sports venues to name a few. This park is frequented by residents and visitors daily and remains a place to enjoy the beauty of nature.


ATL has the overall responsibility to keep our Washington DC Parks CLEAN! Levi Robinson, President/CEO says, “this is another testimony to paying attention detail and solidifying our ATL Brand which is to provide quality and on time services within budget.”

Year after year we are happy to fulfil our mission to provide real-time solutions to our customers.